I Know What I Did This Summer

Holy hell it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Forgive my absence? Not too much exciting has happened since I last posted, and I’ve been working like crazy online since then. But I think I can break down the Nips summer in less than a page. Grab a seat, buckle up, cause hot damn it’s a bumpy ride.

May or may not be in order, I haven’t had much coffee:

Daughter pulled a sneaky trick- got grounded for entire summer and I have a new meaning to slave labor

Got myself a new pup- McCoy the McNabb/Border Collie cross who thinks he’s a damned kangaroo with his jumping technique

Got caught by a stranger climbing on the back of his truck because he had a dog that looked so much like Bella I thought he dog-napped her and I was trying to take a closer look (that kind of thing can get you shot out here)

Ripped my favorite jeans- still wearing them even though they have holes in places that ought to embarrass me

Learned that my Jeep and I can do a reverse 180 into a parking spot and survive (damned idiot came barreling into the gas station and I was already in reverse with no other way to go)

Spent 3 miserable weeks in over 104 degrees with no air until I finally complained so much the company brought my new swamp cooler

Spent hours alone with the heater guy who gave me the piss shivers every time his co-worker left and he would say “It’s just you and me now.” But eventually I did get the new heater.

Remember before when my Jeep had that smell of death or ass, I wasn’t sure which? Now it’s stuck with the smell of wet dog. Spent days at the creek with 3 out of the 5 dogs, who then got in my Jeep wet and muddy. I want the death/ass smell back

Worked the weekend of Hurricane Irene with maybe 3 hours of sleep from Thursday night until Monday- spent the next week paying for it and am still praying for another major weather event (with no deaths though please, even I’m not that twisted)

New dog ate my one and only cell phone charger, had to buy a new phone

Dog ate the brand new car battery charger (will have to buy a new one of those too)

Went for a few horse riding lessons- I’m not too bad, although I must get more flexible cause nothing like having to stand on the truck tailgate to get on a horse

Learned a little bit about roping- that could come in handy in places only the Nips (or my readers) could imagine

I think that about sums it up pretty good. I’m sure I’ll remember other events as the coffee invades my blood stream. So, how the hell was your summer?

One Response to “I Know What I Did This Summer”

  1. I’m so sorry you had to experience it, but I thoroughly enjoyed this snippet:

    Spent hours alone with the heater guy who gave me the piss shivers every time his co-worker left and he would say “It’s just you and me now.”

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