I’m almost ashamed of how long it has taken to update this lonely ol’ blog of mine. What can I say other than Life. That nasty little thing that gets in the way. It makes you forget, procrastinate, and become utterly overwhelmed.

Let’s see if I can make this update as painless as possible. I’m almost unsure how to configure it, but we’ll stick with an oldie but goodie.

Still working for one answer company, now I’ve added 3 (or 4, sometimes I forget) more online gigs

Due to that one up there, I’ve put on a shit load of weight

Because of the one above this, I’ve started a weight loss/workout journey

Thanks to a good friend I’m now doing Zumba. I’m doing it at home on the Wii though, so I can shake my jiggly parts in private

I FINALLY got my legal California driver’s license. For those of you who have followed me, you know it’s taken nearly 2 long ass years to get.

I got a new puppy, a Border Collie/Heeler named McCoy

My new puppy was poisoned by a neighbor. I’m currently still plotting my revenge

My daughter turned 15 and my son 14.. making me outnumbered by teenagers 2-1

I’ve started growing vegetable plants from seeds. They’re on crack though as they’ve outgrown everything I’ve put them in weeks before they were supposed to

Other than that, I think my life is pretty much the same. Still have my embarrassing moments, still the Queen of Klutz. In fact I think I still have a pulled muscle from literally throwing myself off the porch a few weeks ago. I have no idea how it happened. One minute I’m getting ready to walk down the steps, next minute I’m flat on my face in the gravel. I tried to blame my shoelaces, everyone knows how dangerous those are. Unfortunately my shoes didn’t have any laces.

So there you have it, a quickie from Nips. I’m not going to promise anything, but I will TRY to update better. I’ll even try to pull my humor mojo out from the closet again.  You do the same, let a girl know how all my favs are doing out there!

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