Stop Spreading the Love Already

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I am an animal lover. I’m a sucker for a good rescue story, in fact most of my animals are rescues. I’m definitely a cat lover- I have four of my own. That being said, this animal lover has had enough of the nonsense around here and am about to launch an all out war on the irresponsible animal owners/lovers in my park.

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The Gallbladder Saga: Part Three

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If you’ve been following along on this merry adventure called The Gallbladder Saga, you’ll know where I’m at. If not, you’d better go back and read part Two or you’ll just freak out. WARNING: Content and pictures following may be too harsh for sensitive eyes. Then again, you’re on a blog called Nipplelicious. So yeah.

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The Gallbladder Saga: Part Two

Posted in adventures, Only the Nips with tags , , on December 17, 2013 by Nipsy

I suppose I can continue The Gallbladder Saga. I should warn readers that it’s not a pretty story, it is humorous (now), and the pictures are real but gory. Or maybe they’re gory because it was my stomach? Either way, sit back, buckle up, and set down the popcorn. Seriously, put the food down before you read this. If you are smart, you’ll read the first part of the saga here so you actually understand where I’m picking up the story. Continue reading

Do You Remember Me?

Posted in adventures, Only the Nips with tags , , , , , on December 16, 2013 by Nipsy

I wish I could say I’m horribly ashamed at how long it’s been since my last posting. However, I’m not. Not really. You see, life got in the way. Suddenly it seemed like posting my funny moments on a blog was the last thing I wanted or needed to do. Until this weekend. A beloved blogger we all know and love passed away. I hadn’t talked to him in awhile, but he was one of the few male bloggers who got my twisted sense of humor. He also had a mushy side. One of our last conversations we had was about why I hadn’t posted recently. I reminded him of the sickness, the countless doctor’s trips, hospitalization, surgeries, etc. His exact words to me? “And your point is?” Damn I adored that man. So in honor of him, I shall begin blogging again when I can. Continue reading


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I’m almost ashamed of how long it has taken to update this lonely ol’ blog of mine. What can I say other than Life. That nasty little thing that gets in the way. It makes you forget, procrastinate, and become utterly overwhelmed. Continue reading

I Know What I Did This Summer

Posted in adventures with tags , , on September 18, 2011 by Nipsy

Holy hell it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Forgive my absence? Not too much exciting has happened since I last posted, and I’ve been working like crazy online since then. But I think I can break down the Nips summer in less than a page. Grab a seat, buckle up, cause hot damn it’s a bumpy ride. Continue reading

Well Shiver Me Timbers and Blow Me Down

Posted in adventures with tags , , , on March 23, 2011 by Nipsy

As I sat here Saturday night listening to the strongest winds I have ever personally experienced, I knew something was gonna go. I lay here on the couch and prayed it wouldn’t be my trailer. I mean come on, I haven’t even had the damn thing for a year yet. Well something went alright, and went hard. Apparently the wind has a harder suck-tion then I could ever dream of having. Continue reading


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